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Planning a successful corporate event, party, family get-together, or other event, takes planning and experience. At Judi's Bakery, we've been helping people just like you plan and execute successful events for decades.

Here are some tips to make your event fun, safe and easy for you and your guests:

  • Be Yourself
    Work within your comfort zone. If you have never made eclairs for 200 guests, now is not the time to start. Keep your guestlist and activities manageable.
  • Plan Ahead
    As the event date approaches, keep a list of ideas and materials that you will need. If possible, set up a staging area where you can keep supplies.
  • Invitations
    If you're planning to send invitations to your guests, be sure to give them at least 10 days notice - that means sending your invitations about 15 days before the event. Be sure to give specific details about the event - start and end time, activities, location, special dress code, etc. - so your guests will know what to expect and be prepared.
  • Professional Cleaners
    A big stress item for home parties is pre-party cleaning. If your budget allows it, hire someone to clean you home before the party.
  • Enlist Your Friends and/or Family
    Don't try to do everything yourself. Delegate tasks like "official party photographer", "cleanup crew", "game coordinator", etc. to friends and family. You may want to designate someone as an official party day "runner" - someone with a valid driver's license that can run out and get those last minute or overlooked emergency items.
  • Catering
    If you're planning to use a caterer, be sure to give them plenty of notice. Make arrangements on where to store catered items until they are needed. Do you have enough refrigerator and freezer space?
  • Menu
    Never serve just one item. Always have multiple side dishes, finger foods and other tidbits. The more food that can be prepared in advance, the less stressful your event will be. Finally, ice-cream with berries makes a great backup dessert!
  • Serve Themselves
    Let adults and teens serve themselves by setting up an area where they can fix their own drinks and/or plates.
  • Space Planning
    Wherever you're having the event - in your home, office, or rented facility - be sure that your guests have plenty of space. If necessary, move furniture to open up an area, give your guests someplace to site, eat and place their drinks.
  • Small Things Make A Difference
    Small details like pre-selected music, lighting, specially folded napkins, place holders, fun non-threatening "break the ice" games, and unique gift bags for party guests make a difference.
  • Don't Dwell On A Failure
    Don't put all of your eggs in one basket - have alternative activities, multiple food items and/or side dishes, and other plans if a sudden thunderstorm occurs, a guest with an allergy can't enjoy a food item, etc.
  • Enjoy
    With enough planning and help, you can relax and enjoy the activities.

For help with your next party or event, call Judi's Bakery Cafe & Coffee Shop for all of your catering needs!

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